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Philosophy of Establishment

学園創設者 川﨑祐宣

School founder Sukenobu Kawasaki opened with the philosophy of
Liberal Humanity,
Sound Body,
and Profound Knowledge

Developing Compassionate Humanity
In order to be a competent physician, one must have common sense, be conscientious, warmhearted and trustworthy. For this reason, it is imperative to emphasize moral education.

Creating a Sound Body
Physicians must be patient-friendly, faithful, and dedicated. They must have physical strength as well as mental strength. In delivering sufficient medical care to patients, one must have physical fortitude generated from breadth of mind.

Advancing Medical Science
In order to restore health and enable people to enjoy good health and minimize suffering, physicians must acquire and continually adapt to rapidly-advancing medical knowledge and skills to gain the gratitude of patients and society. At our group of medical institutions, the importance of intellectual training and practical education in medicine are key to achieving a successful outcome.

All faculty members carry out the basic philosophy of the founder into action to provide students with the opportunity to become physicians with strong will, sound body, intelligence and moral ethics based on humanity. Students can acquire an in-depth medical knowledge and make contribution to new medical science.